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Our Mission Statement:
To teach our children the fundamental skills of baseball and fastpitch softball, while at the same time, instilling in them values and character that will serve them well in their future endeavors.  We are a volunteer driven organization committed to building an appreciation for the games of baseball and fastpitch softball through quality coaching and supportive parental involvement.  It is our fundamental belief that every child with a desire to play baseball or fastpitch softball be afforded the opportunity to participate, where the emphasis is not always on winning, but on good sportsmanship, fair play, discipline, safety, teamwork, and most of all… 

From the Prez...

Year 2013 Wow, another baseball season is in the books. After the cold wet start of May we were able to pull everything together and have a tremendous season. I hope each one of you, our players, coaches and parents had a truly fun and exciting year.

Throughout this year I have a chance to see a lot of baseball and softball, From 6U players to 18U players. I leave every game truly impressed with WYBS players and coaches. The effort put forth and the smiles and fun they have is contagious. If anyone doubts me I urge you to go watch a 6U teeball game, an 8U softball, a 9-10 little league game, or any game with WYB&S players, and if you are not smiling and chuckling when you leave you are missing the boat on what youth sports is about.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following people. Without their efforts there would be no WYBS. I hope each of you recognize the important role you have played in making a child’s live better

-Every manager and coach for their hard work and efforts.
-Player Agents for all their efforts putting together the season.
-Jamie Schaefer and Steve Weis for organizing, maintaining and distributing our equipment.
-Jeff Blomquist and Jay Wittman for serving as the Vice Presidents of softball and baseball respectively.
-The members of the Board of Directors.
-Lisa Borowski of River Valley Bank for organizing and managing our fundraiser.
-Julie Mueller, for everything she does to make our league better.

Finally I would like to extend my greatest thank you to our players and parents. I hope that your participation this year made you laugh and smile and enjoy your time playing baseball and softball. I hope that you are a better person and player because of your experiences.

Could WYBS do more things or do them better, absolutely. If you have ideas or a willingness to improve the WYBS experience please step up and volunteer. WYBS is a volunteer organization no coach, player agent or board member gets a penny for their time and efforts. The more volunteers we have the better we can do. We have attached a survey to this newsletter, your comments would be appreciated.If you like what we do tell us, it is nice to hear. If you think we can improve let us know your thoughts.

Thank you again and hope to see you in the spring.

posted 12/18/2013
WYBS Says Thanks For The Dedication

The Wausau Youth Baseball and Fastpitch Softball Association would like to extend our deepest gratitude and thanks to John Stubbe, Dan Tooley and Jay Wittman for their service and efforts to our association. John and Dan served on the WYBS Board of Directors and unselfishly provided their time and efforts to advance the best interest of the youth of Wausau.

Jay Wittman served as Vice President of Baseball and worked tirelessly to provide a top quality, first rate youth baseball program to the Wausau community. Jay continues as a Director of WYBS.

WYBS wishes to commend these three fine gentlemen for their work and efforts to advance the best interests of Wausau’s youth.

Thank you.

posted 12/18/2013
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